Base Prices

$30 for mow, trim, blow for yards up to 6500 square feet. Upcharge for extra trimming and larger yards. Examples for extra trimming – Corner lots, pools, trampolines, excessive landscaping, etc. Every yard is different. In the end, the fee is based on time and the base rate will be accurate for normal yards.

Up to 6500 sq feet $30 7500 sq feet $35 8500 sq feet $40 9500 sq feet $45 etc

Chemical Treatments You all have asked, so I am going to get my applicators license so I can apply commercial products for pre and post emergent. No license necessary for Fertilizer. I can do that for you now. plan is to have my license so I can help you with pre-emergent in the Fall.

Prices for all chemical treatments will be 2X mowing price. If you pay $30 for mowing, your chemical treatment would be $60. Below is the schedule I would recommend.

October 15 – November 15 (when temps start getting below 70) Pre Emergent – Recommended

November – December (when Bermuda goes dormant) time to spray crab grass with Glycophosphate) This is for yards infested with the nuissance grasses and is not an option for St Augustine or Zoysia as they never truly goe dormant.

February – March (When temps start creeping above 50) Pre Emergent – Recommended

May – June (When Winter Weeds have fully shown themselves) Post Emergent – Recommended

May – June (2 weeks after Post Emergent Treatment and when Turf is Green) Round 1 of Fertilizer – Recommended

4 weeks after 1st Post Emergent Treatment – 2nd Post Emergent Treatment if needed

Before July 1 (Round 2 of Fertilizer) If needed

September when highs start dipping below 90 degrees – Fertilizer or Fertilizer plus Herbicide if needed

October 15 – November 15 we start again. with Pre-Emergent

Mowing Schedule

You will notice with school starting soon. I am balancing my schedule out. ON a weekday I want to make sure I have no more than 4 yards in an evening. I am leaving Sundays open in case I get backed up for whatever reason. Excited for school to start! Just hopeful we don’t have a repeat of the Covid year we had last year. That new variant is spreading fast. Ugh.

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